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PIano Tunes music academy

Piano Tunes Music Academy is a private music school located in Roscoe, IL. It offers a variety of music lessons for students as well as summer camps, after school care programs and music recitals. They have had over 6 students receive scholarships to Illinois and Wisconsin Universities and have over 120+ students.

Their goal was to increase brand awareness in a way that would ultimately lead to increased enrollment in both their music lesson programs and their summer camp programs.

The brand needed to be elevated and given a voice of a friend who can find humor in the daily life of being a parent while also encouraging parents to invest in their children’s futures with music lessons.

We went with a bold, primary color scheme and redesigned the branding, logo, website and Facebook strategy.


After two years of social media management and paid Facebook ads, their annual enrollment rates increased to 67% for 2018.

The summer camp program for 2018 experienced an enrollment increase of 245% with a total ad spend of $350 over the course of 12 weeks.


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